Plexxcon have recently completed the design and construction of a cutting-edge Fuel Preparation Building and fibre sort line (The T-Rex) at an Industrial Gibson Island Facility. This innovative project entailed the erection of a 1,500m2 shed and the installation of a fully automated Fibre Sort line, designed to directly feed the other areas of the facility. The state-of-the-art facility features 10 optical sorters, automated quality control, and weigh-scales, achieving an impressive 98%+ fibre purity. Due to the limited footprint, a vertical design was skilfully integrated with the building structure.

The original design for the building required more than 40 driven piers and over 1,200m3 of imported material, as the facility is located in close proximity to the Brisbane River. However, Plexxcon’s project team, alongside their trusted consultants, embarked on a comprehensive investigation and creative problem-solving to identify an alternative solution. By completely redesigning the foundation system, the team successfully saved the client nearly $500,000 and eliminated weeks of piling time.

The summary of works demonstrates Plexxcon’s proficiency in construction and design, highlighting their focus on providing cost-effective and time-efficient solutions. Plexxcon’s innovative approach to the project illustrates our ability to adapt and problem-solve in complex situations, offering potential clients a glimpse into their capabilities and dedication to client success.